Covid-19 Daily Health Check List

Before entry into the Edmonton Weavers’ Guild facility, everyone is required to complete a health check list.  Please click on this link:

EWG Facility Access July 2021

We now have permission to access our facility, however, we will require masking, hand-sanitizing and cleaning surfaces as we have been doing during our sporadic access in the last year.   Cleansers and sanitizer are available in our main room. I will also provide a box of paper masks for those who find themselves without one of their own.  We also request members not to share food or drink, as a further precaution.

We will also require all individuals to complete the Covid-19 Daily Health Check List prior to entering the facility.  The check list is monitored by the Strathcona Community League and EWG. If you cannot fill it in online, please send me an e-mail at , and I will make sure your name is recorded on the right date.

We now have our own entrance to the building, through the East gate.  An Alarm Panel, identical to the one we have been using, is just inside the door.  

 As our return to ‘normal’ evolves, so may our guidelines and restrictions.  Your Executive Board is responsible for the safety and well-being of our membership while using the EWG facilities, as well as complying with changing restrictions imposed by Provincial and Municipal Governments, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and the Strathcona Community League. 

Thanks to everyone for your patience during these unprecedented times, it’s so important that we look out for each other!

Brenda Foster

EWG Library Access July 2021

Click here to go to the Library web page.