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For Sale –  LeClerc Nilus 45″ Counter-Balance Loom

with 38″ open-ended bench. It has had only one owner and is in excellent condition.

The 4-shaft loom has 6 back hinge treadles. It comes with 2 additional reeds, wooden shuttles, and a table top Leclerc warping mill of the same vintage.

Asking $1,980 or best offer. Retail for these items on the 2020 Leclerc website total $4,637 (without tax and shipping).

Contact: Marlene McDonald at (780) 436-7204 or Marlene6@ualberta.ca.

(Updated – November 25, 2020)

For Sale –  4 Shaft 36″ LeClerc Loom

with bench.  Asking $600.  Call (780) 459-0383

(posted October 25, 2020)

For Sale –  Colonial v2 12 Shaft LeClerc Loom

In extremely good condition.  Comes with a flying shuttle and warping board. Asking $2,500 or best offer.

 For more information, dimensions etc. email the North Edmonton Seniors Association at  info@nesa1.ca


(posted October 21, 2020)

For Sale –  45″ Tapestry Loom

2-shaft, 2 treadle with accessories. $1,000.

Contact Ria Bogaert at (780) 458-1473


(posted September 24, 2020)