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For Sale Brassard Yarns

Selling Brassard yarns at $5.00 a tube or would consider a deal on the whole lot (100+ cotton, linen, chenille).
Located in Cochrane, Alberta.
Contact: Deborah at deborahcocks@shaw.ca or at (403) 981-6863

(updated May 4, 2022)

For Sale 45″ Leclerc Counterbalance Floor Loom

Four shaft, 45″ Leclerc Counterbalance floor loom.  Although old it has been gently used.  Comes with reeds, assorted accessories, and a homemade bench.
In Edmonton, must be picked up.
Contact: Colleen at (780) 464-2102


(posted April 30, 2022)

For Sale Weaving and Spinning Tools

The Camrose Craft Centre has weaving and spinning tools and books for sale.
Books for Sale
  1. New Key to Weaving, M.Black $50
  2. The Weaver Book, H. Tidball $6
  3. Foot Treadle Loom Weaving, E.Worst $6
  4. Book of Dyes from Natural Sources $3
  5. Step by Step Weaving, N. Zamierowski $6
  6. Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing, R. Brown $6
  7. Color Exercises for the Weaver, P. Weigle $10
  8. Weaving You Can Wear, Wilson $5
  9. Art of Weaving $12
  10. Rug Weaving Source Book $15
  11. Practical Modern Weaving $6
  12. Fashions from the Loom, B. Beard $6
  13. Weave with Style, J. Wilson $6
The items must be picked up in Camrose.
Contact: Lois at loisl@cable-lynx.net

(updated April 4, 2022)

Carder – Manual, good condition. Australian made. Dopper included. 6.5″ carding cloth width. 4.25″ drum. 2.25″ licker. Total length 11.5″ x 8.5 x 7.5 height.  Needs new drive band 50 cm or .25″ diameter. $400.

Student Carders – Curved back, rubber backed, excellent condition. Teeth per inch 8.25″ x 4.75″.


Mini Hand Carders. Clemes & Clemes. Excellent condition. TPI 72. 5.25" x 4.75. $60
Boat Shuttles, Excellent condition. $25 each.
Ski Shuttles (4) Excellent condition. 2 have slight cracks on tip. $25. each.
Folding Warping Board - 23" x 29", 40" high. Total hinged width 52". Could be homemade.$100.
White Horizontal Warping Mill, foldable $100.
Large Warping Board. 57" x 31". Comes with pegs. $100.
Older Metal Swift. $20.

For Sale Spinning Wheel

Reconditioned CPW of unknown provenance for sale.  New flyer and additional bobbins made by woodworker.  Double drive, ratio approximately 20:1 (beginning spinners beware).
Price $150, must be able to pick up in West Edmonton.
Contact: Jason at cjhudson@gmail.com

(posted February 22, 2022)

For Sale Spinning Wheel

Upright wheel of unknown provenance for sale.  Flyer and maiden arm repairs done, additional bobbins made by woodworker.  Wheel does spin, however drive band is finicky and the wheel may need further tuning. Double drive, ratio not measured.
Price $75, must be able to pick up in West Edmonton.
Contact: Jason at cjhudson@gmail.com

(posted February 22, 2022)

For Sale Indigo Hound Combs

Indigo Hound 4-row standard English combs. Includes Robin Russo combing DVD and Indigo Hound instruction pamphlet. Does not include clamps.
Asking $125 firm, masked pickup only, in town of Smoky Lake. Holds only with etransfer.
Contact: Lindsay at LROBB6@gmail.com or TEXT on 780-656-5987

(posted February 11, 2022)

For Sale Ashford Spinning Wheel

Ashford Kiwi, upright spinning wheel with 4 bobbins, in excellent condition.
Price: $300
Contact:  Lesley Magwood at  lesleymagwood@icloud.com


(posted February 10, 2022)