Weaving, Spinning and Fibre Related Items for Sale are usually posted on the bulletin board at the Guild.  This free classified ad service is being offered to members and nonmembers while we do not have access to the bulletin board during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The service is being provided on the following conditions:

  1. The Edmonton Weavers Guild is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any of the ads posted.
  2. The Webmaster reserves the right to determine whether an ad will be posted, and to edit the ad for length or clarity.
  3. Ads will be posted for a maximum of three months.
  4. If the item is no longer available before the three months has lapsed, the advertiser must inform the Webmaster so the ad can be removed.
  5. To submit an ad, please include a description of not more than 50 words, a contact name, and phone number or email address.  You may also include a photo. Send your ad to webmaster@edmontonweavers.org

For Sale – Yarn for Knitting or Weaving

The family of long-time Guild member Ilya Oratovsky still has a large assortment of yarn on cones. The yarn is mostly acrylic, or cotton look-acrylic, but they also have some cotton and wool.  All yarn is at discounted prices.

Contact Vera at 780-239-3802 or vera.mannerow@gmail.com.

(posted May 21, 2020)