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Monday Morning Weavers Explore Summer and Winter

Posted July 18, 2023

Monday Morning Weavers continue to explore Summer and Winter weaves.  Summer and Winter is an example of a compound weave – with more than the two elements of a single warp crossing a single weft thread.  S and W is a three-element weave – warp, tabby weft and pattern weft.  The name is said to originate from the fact that one side of the cloth is predominantly darker- the winter side, and the other side is lighter – the summer side.

The versatility of Summer and Winter is demonstrated in these diverse projects from Monday Morning Weavers.

  • cat motif, woven on 12-shafts
  • blocks motif
  • trees motif, and
  • colorful tea towels.

Master Wannabees

Posted May 18, 2021

Master Wannabees meet one evening a month via Zoom to work through the requirements for the Guild of Canadian Weavers Master Weaver Certification.  In 2021, the Study Group is focusing on the Intermediate Level.

Congratulations to Conchita who was awarded her Basic Level Certificate for demonstrating her mastery of these 4-shaft weaves.

Conchita's Summer and Winter
Conchita's twill gamp
Conchita's colour gamp
Conchita's Crackle
Conchita's M's and O's
Conchita's Overshot Variations
Conchita's Overshot
Conchita's wool yardage

Get Sett

Posted May 12, 2021

Get Sett continued to meet every second Tuesday evening via Zoom.  A theme this past winter was BAGS.  We were challenged to make bags.

The Study Group circulated two looms with 8-shaft double weave bread bags.


Bread Bags

Kyla's cottolin bag stores her homemade bread.
Bonnie's cottolin bread bags just off the loom.
Diane's ramie and linen bread bags.
Barbara's bread bags - cotton warp and weft., linen and cottolin warp and linen weft, cotton warp and cottolin weft.

Bag Challenge

Joan's bag in lopi wool
Diane's end of the warp bag in wool.
Barbara's boundweave tote.
Ev's crossbody bag.
Barbara's rosepath bags in cotton and tencel.
Kyla's bento bag.

8 Shaft Twill Sample

We are also circulating two looms on loan from the More than Four Study Group with an 8 shaft twill sample “one warp, many weaves” inspired from a Canadian Guild newsletter.


Joan's sample.

Exploration of New Towel Weaves


Ev's turned taquete towels
Lyn's 8 shaft undulating twill
Diane's Bumberet towels - 1 warp, 4 wefts.

Felt to Fibre Study Group

Posted October 16, 2018

Felt to Fibre meets every second Tuesday evening.

Get Sett

Posted April 10, 2019

Get Sett meets every second Tuesday evening under the mentorship of Diane K. Here are some of their creations.

Gillian's tartan afghan
Jen's turned twill
Evelyn's cotton boucle towels
Colynn's tencel snake skin scarf
Sandra's huck towels
Jen's rug sample
Colynn's braided twill mug rugs
Dyann modeling Sandra's ruana
Colynn's rug
Arlene's rug
Dyann modeling Sandra's weaving

Master Wannabees

Posted February 2018

The Master Wannabees Study Group (under the instruction of Diane K) learned how to design profile drafts and then practiced the different treadlings for Summer and Winter