EWG General Meeting – Saturday, November 23, 2019

Posted November 24, 2019

Highlights of the meeting included a summary of the Annual Sale, a display from the Monday Morning Weaving Study Group and a presentation from Gather Textiles, followed by conversation over coffee and baked goodies.

Monday Morning Weaving Study Group provided a beautiful display of weaving inspired by Emily Carr’s painting “A Rushing Sea of Undergrowth”.

Rug - dark warp ends represent the trees and dark boarder the forest floor.

Angela Kelly from Gather Textiles

  • .Angela shared news and gifts from Gather Textiles.
  • Special pricing on Brassard products is available for EWG members. Check the Member Benefits page for details.


Hand painted warp, and Peruvian cotton, mondal and silk yarn. 12-shaft turned twill.


Angela Kelly and Shannon Nelson from Gather Textiles.
Contrasts: Harmonic Chaos. A combination of turned twill and broken twill on 16 shafts.
Emily Carr's painting "A Rushing Sea of Undergrowth" that inspired Monday Morning Weavers.

EWG General Meeting – Saturday, September 21, 2019

Posted September 22, 2019

Updates were provided on the Annual Sale, volunteer weavers were requested for the Cross Cancer Institute, and members were encouraged to complete the facility planning survey.

Diane Kozens’ Presentation on Colour and Inspiration

EWG member and Study Group Leader, Diane shared many examples of her weaving and talked about colour and what inspires her in weaving. According to Diane, “I like my next project best“.  She had many samples of how delight in colour interplay in one project can inspire the next.

Her tips included:

  • Keep your eyes open. Look around you and take photos of colour combinations that you like.
  • Start with a safe combination of colours and experiment adding different colours from your stash.
  • When designing, line up your colours on your loom bench and live with them for a few days.
  • Take a photo in black and white to see the values.
  • Colour gamps are useful in either colours of the same value or contrasting.
  • Look at different picture books. Her favourites include those of textile designer Jack Larsen.


Diane Kozens
Diane describing her colour design process.
Rag Rugs - Same warp with different wefts results in different rugs
Diane's Inspiring Colour Choices
Diane's Rya Rugs
More Inspiring Colour Choices
Diane's beautiful double weave shawl