Deflected Double Weave

Deflected Double weave is a structure composed of two separate layers that each interlace only with themselves but also exchange places from front to back of the fabric.  It is not a true double weave but can give very different effects on opposite sides. Designs are possible in both 4 and 8 shafts and many effects can be achieved with variations in colour choices.  The class will run as a round robin to give participants the opportunity to sample several possibilities. Students should be comfortable with reading drafts and warping a loom.  Looms may be borrowed from the guild with a damage deposit.

Deflected Double Weave

Dates: (4 Mondays)
March 25, April 1, 8, and 15th
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Instructor: Kathy Buse

Fee: $170

Beginner 2 Weaving

Beginner 2 weaving builds on the skills learned in Beginner 1 weaving.  In this six-session  course, students will weave a sampler, experimenting with different weave structures.  After completing the sampler ( which works nicely as a table runner), students will design a project based on their favourite pattern.  Potential project ideas are scarves, table runners, dishtowels, and placemats.  Students will also gain confidence reading a draft, determining sett and choosing materials.  Course fee covers materials for the sampler.  Students will supply materials for their final project.  Loom may be borrowed from the guild with a damage deposit.

Beginner 2 Weaving

Dates: (6 Saturdays)
May 4, 11, 18, 25, June1, 8
Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Instructor: Kim McCollum

Fee: $315

Blanket and Afghan Weaves

Students will explore several four and eight shaft weave structures suitable for blankets and afghans in a round robin using table and floor looms.  A variety of materials will be used and instruction on warping with sticky yarns will be included.  Participants will also learn finishing techniques including how to make a plied fringe on the loom, fulling and brushing. Participants will be required to warp the looms before class with materials and drafts provided. Times for this will be arranged by the instructor.   Students  must have completed Beginner 2 weaving or the equivalent to participate. Table looms will be available for a deposit.

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Beginner 1 Weaving

In this six session course, participants will learn to weave on a 4 shaft loom. We will learn weaving vocabulary, how to select materials, design a project, and finish our newly woven cloth.  We will also explore global weaving traditions and discuss sources of inspiration for weavers. After creating a sampler, students will have guidance from the instructor in designing and weaving a unique scarf. This course is an introduction to hand weaving and is also ideal for those looking to refresh their skills. Course fee covers materials for the sampler; students will supply materials for their final project. Looms may be borrowed from the guild with a damage deposit.  No prior weaving experience necessary. Some materials required.


Rigid Heddle Weaving

This workshop will cover everything you need to know to start weaving beautiful handwoven fabrics on a rigid heddle loom. Participants will learn the basics of dressing the loom appropriately for a project. Several different weave structures will be explored while students create a unique sampler scarf. Participants will leave this class with a beautiful handwoven scarf and the skills needed to start making place mats, shawls, clothing and more! Bring your rigid heddle loom with you or borrow one from the guild with a damage deposit. 

Look for this class in 2019!

Introduction to Finger Weaving

In this 3 day workshop, students will learn the form of weaving traditionally used to make the historic Assumption sashes, using only yarn and two sticks-no loom or other equipment required. Elements covered will be basic technique, how to create various colour patterns, how to spot and correct errors, and how to plan and set up a project. Students will create pattern samplers, and if they wish, plan and receive assistance with a larger project. Possibilities include scarves, pouches, bags, bracelets and belts.

All materials supplied, students may bring their own for more advanced projects if desired.

Registration is closed.

Not currently offered

Woven Wall Hanging

Experience the creative possibilities of tapestry on a loom you can put in your shoulder bag and work on at a coffee shop. This workshop encourages experimentation and pushing the limits of what fiber can do! Both new and experienced weavers are welcome. On day 1 Students will weave a sampler exploring several ways to warp the loom as well as many weaving techniques to create interesting texture and shape.  Techniques covered include bubbling, shape making, looped rya knotting, pick up, floating weft techniques, crocheting into the warp and fringe options. On day 2 students complete their own unique wall hanging using their choice of yarns, roving and unconventional materials like raffia and fabrics. The workshop will end with a discussion about finishing and hanging or otherwise displaying a finished piece.
Looms will be available for purchase for a small fee, other materials included. No experience required.

Not Currently offered

Weaving Rag Rugs

Prerequisite: Beginner Weaving. Must be able to warp a floor loom.
Participants will learn how to select and prepare warp and weft materials for six different rug samples.  They
will learn finishing techniques including warp and weft protectors. Students are expected to warp floor looms
in advance of the workshop with the supervision of the instructor.  The first two evenings are for warping the floor looms, the next three day sessions are for weaving the samples.  Students are expected to weave on their own during the two week between the classes.

Not currently offered

Understanding Doubleweave

How do you weave what you cannot see?  This class will help you to think in layers and open a whole new world of weaving possibilities.  Students will study the theory of double weave, weave a variety of samples on their own table looms and design a scarf to weave at home.  Participants will need to be able to read a weaving draft and warp a loom.

Students are required to supply their own 2/8 cotton and bring their own pre warped table loom (a limited number of looms may be available to borrow).

Not currently offered