Spindle Spinning

Do you have a drop spindle and not sure how to use it? Want to learn to spin but a wheel is overwhelming? Bring your top whorl, bottom whorl, or Turkish spindle and let’s go from ‘fluff to spun stuff’. We will also cover plying.

Spindle Spinning

Date: Saturday October 21, 2023

Time 9:30am – 12:30pm

Instructor: Annette Rehlau

Fee: $75.00 (Fee includes material costs of $10.00)

How to Prepare your very own 'Chiengora' Fibre

Would you like to be able to spin the “brushings” from their very favourite dog or, possibly, cat?

This is NOT a “learn to spin” class.

Instruction, (along with many demonstrations), will be given at the first session regarding “harvesting” your fibre; washing and drying your fibre; carding and/or combing your fibre; and blending your prepared fibre.  Following the carding and blending demonstrations, the fibres will be drawn into a “roving preparation”, in readiness for future spinning.

Please bring your own “dog fibre” ( a small amount only) to discuss suitability for spinning to the first class.

If you require “brushed out dog hair”, the instructor has some on hand to donate to this learning opportunity.

If you have your own favourite carders, please bring them to the first class.  (Do NOT purchase carders until you have learnt what equipment will be useful to you).

Hand carders will be available at the Edmonton Weavers’ Guild, for use during the practical sessions.

Two drum carders will be available, to be shared by the students, to produce the final “roving”.

Wool fibre, (for blending), can be purchased from the instructor.

Preparing Chiengora Fibre

Dates: Nov 12, 26, Dec 3. (3 Sundays)
Time 1:00pm to 4:00 pm
Instructor: Jen Black

Fee: 140.00 (plus cost of additional fibre if necessary)