Guilded 20-20 Vision Exhibition

Posted October 28, 2020

“and when I thought I had moved a considerable distance, I found that I was actually at the beginning of the movement” Ben Okri

EWG member Kyla F is also a member of the St. Albert Paper Arts Guild. Kyla recently combined weaving and paper in a work just over 11 feet long and about 5.5 inches wide.  Titled “beginning; woven unwoven back to front”,  Kyla used linen (warp) and handspun paper thread and paper inserts (weft).

You can see Kyla’s weaving along with other members of St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council either live or virtually at:

  • Art Gallery of St. Albert
  • Nov 5-28, 2020

EWG Slowly Reopening

Posted September 6, 2020

EWG Executive have  been meeting with the Strathcona Community League, and working with Alberta Health Services protocols to develop a safe opening of EWG facilities. The September plan is a starting point and will evolve as time goes by.  At this time, building access is confined to Study Group times and designated library days.

  • Check the details posted on the Members Covid-19 Access Rules page.  Click here.
  • The page also includes the Covid-19 Daily Health Check List which must be completed within 24 hours of EWG members entering the building.
  • The process to access EWG library resources are posted on the Library web page.
  • General meetings will be held through videoconferencing. Dates are posted on the Meetings web page.

Guild Members Inspire Each Other

Posted May 7, 2020

Although we are physically distancing, Guild members continue to inspire each other, sharing images of yarn stashes, home studio space and fibre creations.

New Classified Ads Webpage

Equipment for Sale notices are usually posted on the Guild bulletin board.  While the Guild is closed a new Classified Ads web page is now available for postings.

EWG Member Stashes, Studios and Projects

Junior member, Ava “wowed” us all with her sweater made with $10 worth of garage sale yarn!

Lyn's "Manly scarf"
Carole's Cushion Cover
Dyann's "Vibrant Virginia" towels
Edith's felted bag
Jo-Anne's COVID-19 felted bags

Guild Closed but Still Active

Posted April 1, 2020

Although we are not meeting in-person, Guild members continue to be active and are connecting with each other while maintaining their physical distance, and are taking advantage of their stashes of fibre, fleece and yarn to be creative and to inspire each other.

  • Study groups are sharing their projects with each other via e-mail.
  • EWG is sending out regular e-mails with photographs and descriptions of member projects.  Here are just some examples of members’ works. Please check Facebook and Instagram for more updated member projects.
  • Members are learning online.  For example, Warp and Weave: Color courage for weavers, learn to design with color, is a free mini course offered by Tien Chiu at
  • The Executive are meeting through video-conferencing.

EWG Member Projects

Deflected Doubleweave Challenge – Tara took Kathy’s Deflected Doubleweave class last year, and is challenging other Guild members to use their stash yarn to use the skills from the class.  From her stash Tara found Sweet Georgia Yarns Silk Lace and silk/merino.

Tara's warp for deflected doubleweave challenge
Jessica's rug
Tess's stash busting pink tea towels
Leslie's spun singles dyed in a dirty fleece indigo vat
Kathy's knitted shawl
Helene's bronson lace tea towels.
Conchita's 2 ply wool afghans

EWG General Meeting – Saturday, February 15, 2020

Posted February 21, 2020

Remembering Ilya Oratovsky

Jen shared her memories of weaving a blanket with Ilya in his basement workshop. She brought a sample of the hand dyed yarns that she used for the blanket.

Fibre and Dyeing Adventures in France

  • Carol Drasak did a special presentation on her recent trip to France to explore fibre arts communities and delve into the mysteries of woad.
  • Thank you Carol, for making your trip come alive for us, with your amusing descriptions and great photos!

See photos.

Tribute to Ilya Oratovsky
Jen's tribute to Ilya.

EWG General Meeting – Saturday, November 23, 2019

Posted November 24. 2019

Highlights of the November 23, 2019 General Meeting included a summary of the Annual Sale, a display from the Monday Morning Weaving Study Group, and a presentation from Gather Textiles, followed by conversation over coffee and baked goodies. See photos.

Emily Carr's painting "A Rushing Sea of Undergrowth" that inspired Monday Morning Weavers.

EWG Annual Show and Sale – Saturday, November 2, 2019

Posted November 2. 2019

Click here for more photos of our November Show and Sale.


EWG General Meeting – Saturday, September 21, 2019

Posted September 22. 2019

Diane Kozens’ Presentation on Colour and Inspiration

EWG member and Study Group Leader, Diane shared many examples of her weaving and talked about colour and what inspires her weaving. According to Diane,  “I like my next project best”.

See photos

Felted Animal Masks with Gladys Paulus – August 2-6, 2019

Posted August 21. 2019

EWG hosted UK textile artist Gladys Paulus for two felting workshops in July and August.

Read more and see great photos!

Tired but happy felters

Annual General Meeting and Potluck – May 29, 2019

Posted May 30, 2019

Exploring One Warp, Many Structures with Denise Kovnat

Posted May 26, 2019

EWG hosted Denise Kovnat from Rochester, NY for a fabulous 3-day workshop, May 24-26, 2019, exploring the magic of extended parallel threading or Echo threading. Read more

Burn Baby Burn!

Posted May 5, 2019

On Sunday afternoon, May 5th, EWG members benefited from the knowledge of Kathy Buse on how to identify unknown fibres.  In the 4th Master Wannabees session, Burn, Baby Burn!

Read more

Art in Ubiquity

Posted April 18, 2019

See photos of the April 27th opening of the Exhibition on the 65th Anniversary page.

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